HeadingsDescription / Parameters
Video Streaming
HD Streaming720p. Resolution: Min [email protected], Max [email protected]
SD Streaming480p. Resolution: Min [email protected] Max [email protected]
LD Streaming240p/180p. Resolution: Min [email protected] Max [email protected]
Video LayersOpt to add 1 to 3 layers in Stream during initiation process.
1 LAYER = HD 720p layer only
2 LAYER = HD 720p & SD 480p layers only
3 LAYER = HD 720p, SD 480p & LD 240p/180p layers
Video CodecVP8. Support for H264 discontinued.
Audio CodecOPUS
Active Talker StreamsMax 9 Top Active Talkers’ Streams are processed, recorded and transferred to other ends
Screen Share
ResolutionDefault HD 1080p Resolution: Max 1920×[email protected] May vary depending on Source Screen Size.
Bandwidth NeededB/W to transmit: 300kbps, B/W to receive: 300kbps
Browser SupportLook-Up for the Table below
Canvas Streaming
ResolutionHD 720p. Resolution: Min [email protected], Max [email protected]
Bandwidth NeededB/W to transmit: 300kbps, B/W to receive: 300kbps
Media Tunnelling
UDP PortPort Range 30000 – 35000
FallbackThrough TURN Server. Configurable.
Source StreamEach Stream in Session is recorded individually. Format: .mkv
LocationRecorded locally. Transferable post session.
Playable SessionTranscoded single video file. Processed post-session. Format: .mp4
Recording QualityMax HD 720p (Or as received at Server)
Transcoded QualityMax SD 480p
File SizeHD 720: 11MB/Minute, SD 480px 4MB/Minute
Quality Adaption
Auto AdaptionAuto adjustment to receive optimum quality video w.r.t available bandwidth. –
FallbackAudio only call, if available bandwidth not optimum for video communication.
Auto RestorationRestores to Video if network connectivity improves
Dail-in to SessionAvailable
In-Session Dial-Out-Avaialble