One-way self-introduction Interview

Video Interview-on-Demand. Say Goodbye To Ineffective Phone Interviews

Possible Scenario

A simple and interactive one-way video interview experience that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

  • 01

    Candidates can access their one-way video interviews on any device through a web browser.

  • 02

    Candidate reads the random questions and answers accordingly.

  • 03

    Automated video proctoring is done through Emotion AI. It provides red flags or alerts when any misconduct or fraud is detected.

  • 04

    The system automatically records candidate's responses, that means there’s no need for a recruiter to attend the interview.

  • 05

    The videos are then syndicated to the HR platform where a recruiter can review them at a convenient time.

  • 06

    Recruiters can view the Suitability Score done by Emotion and Behavioural AI. Together with the recorded video, they can decide on the next step.

EnableX Features


High quality video calls

Record and Share



Video API and SDK

Emotion AI

Any device. Any browser