Online Interview

Add AI-Enabled Live Video Interviews To Eliminate Bias

Possible Scenario

Whether it is a one-to-one hiring or a large group hiring, video interviews overlaid with machine learning, behavioral and emotion analysis help hiring managers select the right candidates.

  • 01

    Shortlisted candidates invited for the Video Interviews are first admitted to the Waiting Room.

  • 02

    Candidates in the Waiting Room are given an assessment test or a game-based assessment to test their competency and fit.

  • 03

    The recruiter admits the candidate to the Video Interview Room where face-to-face virtual interviews are conducted between hiring manager, HR manager, and the respective candidate.

  • 04

    Emotion AI measures the overall attentiveness of the interviewer and interviewee.

  • 05

    During the interview, hiring or HR managers can take down notes, conduct private chat, and record the entire interview.

  • 06

    Emotion AI measures key indicators such as a candidate’s eye contact, level of enthusiasm and mood to give an overall Suitability Score.

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