Exploring the New Verse of Online Dating with Communication APIs And SDKs

Use Cases online dating with Communication APIs and SDKs
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A Massive Shift – from Then to Now

Online dating is rapidly changing the way we think about love. One idea that has been set on stone in the past and in the movies is that love is an incidence that you can bump into, unexpectedly. Not to forget the very common and another strong narrative is of the idea that love is blind, followed by a princess can fall in love with a peasant and love can cross social boundaries.

To push away these dreamy concepts are the challenges that extensively exist in the era of online dating. In virtual dating, you’re not bumping into love – you’re searching for it. In the times we are in, falling in love shows a different trajectory.

There is also one more narrative about love that there’s someone out there for you, someone made for you, a soulmate. And all you have to make an effort is to look for that person. This idea goes compatibly well with online dating. It pushes you to be proactive, login and actively search for the ideal match. You shouldn’t just be at leisure and wait for this person to magically appear for you.

Online dating makes it much more discreet. It’s a fundamental enhancement and a key element that explains why people go on online dating platforms and what they do there and what kind of relationships come out of it. In the world prior and post pandemic came into our lives, courtship has been perceived and associated with ordinary social concepts, like leisure, work, school or parties. There are hardly any dedicated spaces for dating. Instead of interacting with people in public spaces, users of online dating platforms meet partners and start chatting from wherever they are.


Communication APIs & SDKs Strengthened Online Dating

The relevance of communication channels became stronger to sustain online dating. Dating, flirting and interacting with partners didn’t come to a halt because of the pandemic. On the contrary, it just shifted online and continued seamlessly. You easily get direct and individual access to partners. Thanks to the blossoming service of real-time communication channels, engaging online took an essential space.

Much has been written about the pandemic’s impact on people’s physical and mental health, but there is more work to be done to understand how it has changed human relationships and the social landscape overall. Online dating seems the ripest here.


EnableX Empowering with App-to-App Audio Calling

To further up the game there are apps entering the market which enable app-to-app voice calling features. They allow the user to chat with everyone for free and identify people who are nearby based on location, name and gender.

If the user finds someone interesting, they can simply click on the heart button or send in a text message and it’s all without any cost.

What stands out as the USP of this app is if you want to chat on audio, you can simply call the one you are interested in. While it’s seen as a paid feature, it also gives the user convenient access to talk and engage with the one they find their interests matching.

EnableX has been one of the leaders in the league pushing this enhancement forward. We have partnered with multiple app developers who are working on this exciting concept while sustaining protocols of security and privacy.


In a Nutshell

On a broad level, online dating users have expressed their overall experience using these platforms in positive rather than negative terms. Additionally, most online daters say it was at least somewhat easy for them to find others that they found physically attractive, shared common interests with, or who seemed like someone they would enjoy meeting in person.



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