Interactive Video-enabled Visual Response – taking customer experience to the next level

Use Cases

The consumers of today are heavily inclined towards interactive experiences with the businesses and the latter is, as a result, leaning towards more advanced and innovative customer centre approaches. The traditional IVR systems might not suffice here since waiting in a queue to speak to a customer care agent or no scope of direct interaction with the agent, lowers the consumer’s interest almost instantly. To overcome these challenges, most of the contact centre platforms and service providers today have migrated to the visual IVR experience that drastically enhances the user experience. It works by providing them with a self-serviced visual menu that is far more interactive and aims to solve the customer problems at the first contact itself.


Having said that, even though a visual IVR enhances customer engagement significantly, it still comes with a set of limitations which might reduce the effectiveness of services offered by the customer care service providers. Some of the limitations are-

  1. More often than not, the visual menu has only a limited number of options because a long navigational menu tends to frustrate the user.
  2. Since each customer issue is subjective, there is still a high traffic wanting to speak to the agents since the menu can only cater to the fewer and more universal issues.
  3. Even though the menu of the visual IVR may allow a voice call to the agent, it is at times difficult to understand what the customer is trying to say due to language and other barriers. Also, due to the lack of a face-to-face interaction, the agent might find it difficult to identify the customer emotion and engage with the customer effectively.


Hence, in this highly competitive world of customer interaction, the service providers are constantly on a lookout for new and better ways of customer engagement. With a focus on enabling the service providers, EnableX has come up with an IV2R solution, thereby revolutionising customer engagement. It is an advanced IVR solution that combines carrier-grade and real-time video communication to the existing visual IVR platform. This feature allows the customers to seamlessly migrate to an HD quality video call with the contact centre agent at any time from within the application.

IV2R is a customisable, cloud-based real-time communication API solution that allows developers to add video calls into its customer-facing applications or CRM systems. It proves to be very cost effective because of its pay-per-use model. With video call, the “See what I see” experience enables contextual interaction between the agent and the customer, thereby reducing the resolution time considerably and increasing productivity. With this, EnableX endeavours to enable SPs to elevate customer experience and provide better and contextual engagement at all times.


  • The API comes with a feature of screen sharing and annotation that allow the agent to co-browse with the customer and provide a step by step guide for issue resolution thereby creating an unparalleled customer experience.
  • It can come in handy for demonstrating new products to the customers and increased upselling and cross-selling.
  • There can be repair and installation advice provided to the customers via the videos thereby reducing the number of requested visits to the customer premises.
  • The video calls can be recorded and archived for the purpose of training or referral.
  • The API also comes with a multilingual translation ability that eradicates any language barrier that might have existed between the customer and the agent

The aim is to engage customers more effectively be it for advice, problem resolution, support or enquiries and at the same time to ensure that you do not lose the customised and personal approach to each consumer.


As an extension of this endeavour, EnableX has recently partnered with Vion Consulting- a leader in customer experience management solutions. We hope to revolutionise the contact centre experiences for the customers by moving away from traditional IVRs and towards a more engaging and customisable IV2R solution. We are hopeful that our combined focus on service excellence and process optimisation will work in tandem with Vion’s vision of enhancing customer experience thereby generating a much advanced user communication.

EnableX is a cloud-based communication platform which via CPaaS enables service providers and developers to integrate video, voice and messaging to their existing applications through APIs and SDKs. We offer scalable, secure and customisable solutions without our customers having to invest in the network infrastructure. You may get in touch with us, here. Understand EnableX IV2R in more details, download the brochure

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