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What is the genesis of EnableX, and what services and solutions does EnableX provide?

EnableX is a communication platform and services company. We have been into existence since 4 years now, globally headquartered in Singapore with presence in India, Japan and Europe as well. As a solution provider, EnablaX provides communication APIs as a service. The industry is called C-PASS or Communication Platform as a Service where we offer APIs for voice, video and SMS to enable organizations and application developers to embed real time communication capabilities into the solutions.


In terms of verticals and domains, what are the use cases?

In the last couple of years, we have all seen because of the pandemic most of the people are working remotely. This has led us to see more use cases of industries like Healthcare, Education, Contact Centers, Retail Industry, HR sector, Talent Management Systems, Society Management Systems etc. Video based KYC is now a common practice in Fintech industry, and this financial vertical has the most use cases. We have seen most growth in this industry including sub-verticals like payment bank and other financial service providers, where we enable KYC on our video-based platform for onboarding of new customers.


What would you count as your USP in the market and that attracts customers?

The fundamental difference that EnableX provides vis-à-vis the more traditional collaboration solutions are the ability to embed the communication capability in a seamless way to existing applications and workforce. While you have a whole lot of conferencing services or video collaboration products, they do not integrate seamlessly into any application. However, when you consume APIs from a C-PASS platform like us, you do not have to change your business model or your application, rather it becomes a seamless integrated offering to the end customer which gives them a better experience.


Does EnableX allow running a virtual event or system, and how do you look out in terms of security for the virtual model?

We have seen a lot of virtual events conducting platforms being build using our API platform; our ability to support up-to 1,000 people in a collaboration session and we also support and have the ability to steam our session directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other streaming platform. Thus, virtual event is definitely an area, where we have a lot of attraction.

Talking on the security aspect, there are multiple levels of security that is available the moment someone uses an API platform like EnableX, as our customers do not share any user data with us, that is rather managed at the customers application level; at any time, we are not exposed to any data. On the other hand, for our video platform, we use WebRTC as an underlying technology stat where all communication is encrypted irrespective of the browser. We ensure encryption of data in communication and storage both, which locks the security model of EnableX.


What is the business model or pricing mechanism that EnableX operates on, and how do you integrate operations from the user level?

We are very unique in the terms of our offering globally; we are the only CPaaS provider platform over the world today which has both cloud-based offer or a SaaS (do it yourself) offer as well as we support complete onboard hybrid deployment when it comes to enterprise customers; we have the ability to deploy our entire platform on a private cloud. Thus, the commercial model also differs when we provide our services, and typical pricing models are consumption based. The standard pricing would depend on the base of minutes of video call or voice calls done on our platform. Whereas, customize pricing models vary for big enterprises, for example while working with Fintech partners, the pricing is based on per transaction. We also do provide our customers the ease, to directly go online and subscribe to our model, in terms of operational model.


What new features does EnableX support and how have they been received by the market?

The kind of work that we are doing on aspects like Facial Analysis and emotional analysis is very exciting; we are a video first platform, thus a lot of our engineering effort and innovation is on the video segment, so the whole Facial AI and emotional analysis is to bring out all the emotional and face analysis aspects while a person on in a conversation, and the beauty of it is, it’s fully supported by browsers, but no personal info and face data of the customer is sent back to our servers. Human Resource, Webinars, Education, Training, Recruitment, Virtual Events and Skill Assessment are areas, that EnableX is seeing a lot of attraction from for Face AI.


Who are the customers across the media vertical for EnableX?

We are situated at as the back technology of some great platforms, but we do not surface our name with those companies. Other than them, we are working with Paytm as one of our customers in Fintech space, we are working with other companies who are involved in Video KYC, and few insurance companies in India where we support their customer onboarding process by our platform. Similarly, we are working with companies in education for remote proctoring, for eg, Skill Mantra. We also work with the company called Talent on Lease, they are a market place for talent, IT and service provider. EnableX also supports Video Classrooms for some major educational companies in the U.S; we also have an approximation of 7000-8000 developer companies on our platform.


How does the model with developers work?

A developer who is building a product for say an EdTech company, and so the end solution name is company’s name but the end-product is EnableX’s therefore our name will not surface.


What is the customer outreach model that EnableX is operating on?

EnableX has three pillars for its GTM strategy, first being the traditional online digital marketing which essentially attracts the SME customer base, it being very global in nature. Secondly our operations run by a Sales team which works on strategizes accounts for us with SIs and GSIs and Large Product companies. And thirdly EnableX works with service providers like Telcos globally where we deploy our platform to them.


What are the key focus areas for the next few quarters?

EnableX is planning to lay its focus in 3-4 areas in the next few quarters, since we have been 4 years in building the platform and it is in a good shape now; thus, we do not plan on going aggressive in our marketing with Telcos though a lot of our focus will be on building partnerships with service providers and SI’s. We already have a well-established network of deployment of our platform with Telcos, so we are hoping that a lot of growth will come from that area. Our uniqueness also lies in the product we consider ‘low-code-embed’, we might me world’s first to pursue that in Face AI program. We also plan to expand globally in the next few quarters.


How are you managing the quality in terms of video experience?

EnableX has developed its own platform end-to-end and we knew these challenges from the beginning. Therefore, we have already done a lot of optimizations the way we handle media. EnableX is a client server architecture and not a peer-to-peer network, therefore we build our own media servers where a lot of intelligence has been built in to handle real-time and understand bandwidth of each of the participants and automatically adjust.

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