ExpoSim Chooses EnableX’s Low Code Video Embed for its Virtual Events Platform

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ExpoSim is the world’s most advanced virtual & hybrid events platform which was launched in July 2020.
It is a SAAS platform that helps companies create, manage & host virtual & hybrid events through a simple to use DIY dashboard. It offers numerous customization options & networking channels to make each event unique and that too without writing a single line of code. ExpoSim offers a suite of microservices that help organizers do complete event management from one single place. These microservices include the website builder, ticketing system, email builder & sender, networking table, meeting scheduler & live user tracking.

Background: It all started during a global pandemic. This phase was exactly when virtual events proved to be a lifeline for many businesses and individuals as the COVID-19 pandemic led to the shutdown of physical events around the world.

To address the challenge of the pandemic head-on, ExpoSim saw merit in exploring the space of Virtual Events that were already growing in popularity pre-pandemic. The team launched their independent identity as ExpoSim to help businesses accelerate the recovery in the events industry by launching a platform that could host large scale webinars and business conferences. ExpoSim chose EnableX’s Low Code Video Embed for its virtual events platform

Challenge: During COVID-19, ExpoSim wanted to extend its product portfolio as a platform that could host large scale virtual events. The company needed to upgrade the capabilities of the platform with webinar/video streaming platforms, all done and live within a short period.

Solution: EnableX Low-Code Video Embed

Result: According to Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO, ExpoSim needed to improve its speaker experience by deploying a single, scalable Live Video API that would efficiently integrate with the platform. “Our Virtual Events platform is a cornerstone in our company, and EnableX was the perfect fit.”

When considering webinar/video streaming platforms, selecting a secure low-code tool worked as an additional advantage for ExpoSim. Since the tool is packed with the ability to deliver solutions more quickly and with better flexibility, ExpoSim preferred it over the traditional lines of programming.

A large event was organized using the platform developed by ExpoSim in the month of December 2021. The uniqueness of the event was that, it was the first of its kind of a virtual hackathon that was happening on the platform and over 500 participants joined the hackathons in 5 parallel virtual auditoriums simultaneously.


Key Benefits:

  • Freedom to customize: EnableX Low-Code Video Embed offered ExpoSim the freedom to customize the Graphic User Interface just the way they desired, while also eliminating the need to write additional codes.
  • Greater call stability- Built on WebRTC, EnableX assures intelligent network optimization and AI for low-latency superior quality conversations.
  • Ease-of-access- With the pre-packaged API and SDK, participants are able to connect to ExpoSim from any browser or device.
  • Large Audience Size- EnableX empowers ExpoSim with a strong capacity to host over 200 speakers in a single room.
  • Cost & time effective- Instead of opting for ready-made software, with EnableX, ExpoSim got the freedom to build a virtual events platform that offered numerous benefits at a minimal cost and time.

The EnableX Experience: “We are now conducting a lot of virtual & hybrid versions of physical events via our ready to use event templates such as Virtual Summits, Virtual Job Fairs, Virtual Expos etc., and it’s amazing to observe the kind of productivity and participation boost. Being able to measure that boost helps us come up with better enhancements and much of this has been made achievable by the use of Low-Code Video Embed from EnableX. They are sure to remain our preferred CPaaS Partner for upcoming developments too”, Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO.

The EnableX Video Platform is built using the best-in-class technologies and infrastructure to deliver best possible customer experience. With the use of WebRTC as the underlying real-time communication framework, we ensure seamless communication across end points and mobile devices. We offer native APIs and SDK’s along with hybrid frameworks – both for web and mobile applications including ReactNative, Flutter and Cordova to enable quick integration by developers.

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