Live Webinar

Time to Power Up

Your Hiring Strategy with Emotion AI!


July 22nd, 2021Thursday


10:00 AM Indian Standard Time (IST)

Event Synopsis

While AI holds the potential to greatly enhance the process of recruitment, integrating it with Live Video can escalate the whole experience to another level. Early innovators in talent acquisition are already implementing this powerful combination to analyse a candidate’s body language and emotions to make more efficient, data-driven hiring decisions.

In this webinar, learn and experience how Emotion AI-enabled video can help recruiters reduce high attrition rate and increasing hiring cost while simultaneously offering candidates a more enhanced experience with a human touch involved.

Why should you join

  • Gain live insights from industry leaders on current trends and challenges in recruitment.
  • Learn how Emotion AI amps up the potential of smart hiring for recruiters.
  • Learn and explore more opportunities that Emotion AI offers.

Meet the Speakers

Daya Prakash
Founder, TalentOnLease

As a renowned Thought Leadership Speaker with his articles published in leading magazines and national dailies like CIO, Economic Times, Financial Express, etc., Daya is a business leader who holds in-depth knowledge on Management of Business & People.

Rajesh Pandey
Founder Director, People Factor LLP

Rajesh’s unique experience of working in various sectors such as high tech, social and consulting increases his credibility to understand the complexities of leveraging human potential in any organisation.

Neil Persaud
Co-Founder, LiveMore

Neil is an International Human Resource Professional who has been in the industry to guide HR leaders on how to overcome the challenges of managing cultural diversity, employee engagement, and how to establish a happy workforce in the company.

Mehul Bhatt
Mehul Bhatt
Co-Founder and CEO at

As the Co-Founder and CEO at, Mehul helps companies across the globe, ranging from startups to giant MNCs, to find their best talent through his innovative "Interview as a Service" HR Tech Platform.

Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj Gupta
Founder & CEO vCloudx

Pankaj has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. Currently, he is running vCloudx, a leading Singapore-based Communications Provider. Under his leadership,, a product of vCloudx, has witnessed over 10X growth in revenue in the financial year 2020-21.