CPaaS – The next wave of communication


In this ever-changing world of communication, the customer-mindset towards his interaction with service providers has also changed. There is a demand for businesses to be more reachable and to be present across more channels such as video, chatbot, messaging etc. What stops the organisations from achieving this is primarily the lack of IT infrastructure- both hardware/software and the IT know-how. Building an IT infrastructure in-house that captures all of this is a complex task. Also, managing it involves a huge expense as well as resources which is not always feasible.

Enter CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) – the next wave of contextual communication tools. Your wingman for enabling more preferred customer communication channels and thus, delivering unparalleled customer value while increasing productivity. CPaaS takes care of all the previously stated worries for you. It integrates communications into business processes and applications seamlessly without you having to worry about the infrastructure at all. CPaaS is the enabler you have been looking for and CPaaS is here to stay!

Imagine a customer browsing a website looking for a washing machine to purchase. He browses the app, selects the item but decides to place the order by calling the company instead. Now, there are two major customer grouses this can result into- the customer having to exit one app in order to use the other for placing the call and also having to inform the agent the product and model that he would like to purchase all over again. These two separate interactions on two separate channels make it difficult to connect and contextualise. How nice it would be if the agent knew what the customer is looking at online and assist without the need for the customer to repeat his order. CPaaS can enable this beautifully for you by embedding video/voice capability into your application and by providing a contextual reference to the customer service agent. In this case, the agent would already know the product and model that the customer has navigated on the web. It is a win-win for both the users and the businesses!



By definition, CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers (or anyone, for that matter) to embed real-time communication features (i.e. voice, video, messaging) directly into applications to create customised workflows. Organisations can achieve this without having to build the network infrastructure and supporting interfaces. This is made possible by using open software development kits (SDKs) and open application programming interfaces (APIs) that developers can use to embed video, messaging and voice into their application with ease

Innovative and customer-centric organisations understand that contextual & real-time interaction is the key to building stronger customer relationships across multiple channels and platforms. Many are considering building omnichannel communication into their customer-centric applications to improve customer experience. If customer delight is your goal, CPaaS is the way to own it!



(A) Storage and Scalability

The biggest advantage of CPaaS is its cloud capability. It is hosted by the service provider and this eliminates any necessity for a CAPEX/infrastructure investment, which has often been a hurdle for many organisations. In addition, there are always the cloud advantages-

  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited Scalability and economies of scale
  • Faster turnaround time for deployment
  • No upfront hardware investment

(B) High levels of customer satisfaction

Consumers today believe in real-time engagement with the businesses and organisations are very aware of this. In the e-commerce example, what worked for the customer is the capability of being able to connect to the customer support agent at a single tap. Also, CPaaS further can set a huge stage for very mature and enhanced customer interactions. For example, when the customer calls the agent for the purchase, it is actually prolonging the interaction period. Even better, it is an opportunity to talk to a satisfied customer resulting in future sales.

(C) Saving Costs for businesses

In a sans-CPaaS world, organisations would have spent oodles of money to maintain the hardware, develop the software and deploy experts to maintain all of it. CPaaS bundles it up all and brings it to you as a service that you can avail. Thanks to manageable programming techniques, coupled with an open environment, integration of communications tool into existing apps and workflow is now possible with Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

With CPaaS, communication can also be integrated with the backend system to improve processes and workflow. For eg: CPaaS could be integrated with CRM and business applications in one platform. Customer service agents instead of handling multiple channels on multiple platforms could now communicate with customers all within the CRM system, retaining the context of the conversation. That would, in turn, result in cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple employees handling multiple platforms. There hasn’t been a better way to contextualise customer conversations!



It’s no great surprise then, that the CPaaS market has seen exceptionally wide acceptance and is on fire! According to Gartner, investments in CPaaS will rise to $4.63 billion by 2021. However, The International Data Corporation (IDC) has a more aggressive estimation – it predicts that the market will reach $8 billion by 2019.

Industries worldwide look at CPaaS as a necessity rather than an option. Healthcare, banking, travel, hospitality etc have accepted and implemented CPaaS with much vigour. Many are considering building omnichannel communication into their customer-centric applications to improve customer experience.

Let us look at telemedicine as an example. It is basically medical consultation provided on the go. There are apps that let you choose from a list of doctors from around the world, book appointments and consult on a video call that ends with a prescription file sent to your app. Speaks a lot about the evolution we have seen in customer experience.

Ride-share companies like Uber and Grab, have integrated their apps with the CPaaS functionalities that enable them to provide real-time ETAs to the customers, SMS arrival alerts and the capability of connecting to the driver instantly. Similarly, even Airbnb has embedded into its app enabling the customers and hosts to receive lead alerts and order notifications.

CPaaS enables your business with capabilities that are multi-fold and we at EnableX, are the drivers of this paradigm shift. New experiment launches? Cost Effective solutions? Exceptional customer experience? No matter what your requirements are, we are here to provide you with a CPaaS-enabled solution for it. To find out how EnableX can help you innovate customer experience, contact us now.

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