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Share Permission

The Share Permission feature is designed for critical meetings that require control over content sharing. With share permission mode settings, the ability to share is regulated by the moderators, restricting participants from sharing their screen or canvas without explicit permission. This feature elevates the level of control in the hands of the moderator, ensuring the meeting progresses smoothly

FD – Flexible Definition for Video Quality

Like HD, SD, and LD, introducing FD (Flexible Definition), the latest video quality option now accessible in our room settings. With FD, users can switch between different quality levels, dynamically adjusting between High Definition (HD) and Low Definition (LD) based on their internet bandwidth. Whether the connection is strong, delivering crisp HD, or weaker, automatically adjusting to LD, FD ensures uninterrupted playback and a consistent viewing experience. This adaptability renders FD ideal for diverse internet conditions, enabling users to confidently stream content regardless of network quality, delivering an optimal video experience in any situation.

Device Update Notification

Whenever there is a change – be it the plugging in of a new microphone or the disconnection of a camera – users receive real-time notifications about these changes. This feature ensures that users are always aware of their device status, reducing the chances of unintended audio or video interruptions

Recurring Video Room

The Recurring Scheduled Rooms feature is designed to simplify the process of organizing repeated meetings. Users can now set up several sessions without the need to generate new access details each time, relying instead on a consistent set of credentials. This approach reduces complexity for organizers and provides a uniform experience for participants. After the conclusion of each session, the system automatically progresses to the next scheduled date.

HLS Streaming

HLS Streaming helps to scale up your reach to a larger audience with your video session, meetings, webinar in real time. Audiences receive best quality video streaming based on available bandwidth at their end. A web-based Video UI may be linked to define the view of your streaming which will be played across devices.

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Live Transcription – Speech to Text

EnableX brings in Live Transcription of Video Sessions. All end-points requesting live transcription, start receiving Speech to Text contents of all actively talking users in the Video room through a notification event. The data can be presented in the UI. This is helpful in circumstances where participants have limited language proficiency or they have difficulty in hearing because of a noisy background.

This is subscription based service. If your account is subscribed to this Service, then you get option in the Visual Builder to enable it with your embed.

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Secured Recording File Access

All Session Files, viz. Recordings, Transcoded Video, Chat Scripts and Meta Files of EnableX Video Sessions were available to you through a publicly accessible HTTP URL within the first 72 hours of session expiry. These open URL access will cease to exist w.e.f May 15, 2022.

EnableX implemented a secured access mechanism to the Session Files through HTTP Basic Authentication.

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100-Way Paged Video

With Active Talkers, each end point gets access to Active Talker Streams only. However, many business use-cases require access other streams available in the room who may not be actively participating in the conversation. Therefore, EnableX introduces a process to allow access to maximum of 100-user’s video streams available in the room.

However, 100-user’s video paly at any end point will consume significant amount of bandwidth and it will not provide optimum video communication experience. Therefore, EnableX provides one set of videos or one page of videos at a time to the requesting end point.  To get access all 100-User’s streams, an endpoint may need to request repeatedly to get next set or next page of Videos.

250-Users in Interactive Session

EnableX now supports up to 250 users in an interactive Video Sessions. With Active Talkers in effect, end-points receive maximum of 16 most actively talking user’s video at any given point of time. As other users talk, their video will become part of Active Talkers List, dropping others from the list.


  • Interactive Video Sessions are held in Group Mode i.e. a Room defined with { "settings:: { "mode: "group"}}
  • Total Users in interactive session are calculated on sum of Moderators and Participants in the Session. User’s with “Viewer” role are excluded.

Screen Share Control

EnableX introduces Screen Share Control feature using which any ongoing Screen Share can be stopped without Presenter’s intervention. This feature is empowers developer to create UX where ongoing Share be stopped to allow a new share to start by other users.

More Information: Web SDKAndroid SDKiOS SDK

UI Kit

EnableX introduces Video UI Kit to help integrating EnableX Video quickly into your App. EnableX Video UI Kit is a wonderful Framework for Video Application Development for Mobile Platforms (Phone, Tab etc.) with many customization options to meet your requirement.

You code less, only 3 lines of Code does all the magic of getting a video communication done. Thus, using UI Kit helps you get a seamless Video UI with all Device Support in almost 95% reduced effort and time.

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In-Session Live Recording

Recording Live refers to a new process of creating a transcoded file in a live session with a custom layout without having to record individual streams. So, using Live Recording has double advantage:

  • You get a transcoded file within minutes post session. Not to wait longer alike previous transcoding process.
  • You have an option to define your own layout for the live recording process unlike previous transcoding process that creates in a predefined layout.

More Information: Web SDKAndroid SDKiOS SDK

Screen Share with Audio & more…

Screen Share now comes with options to add Audio Track into it from Microphone if underlying Browser supports it. Also, developer can make use of a Meta-Data otpions to define own data structure to help UX/UX at receiving end

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Recording Watermarking

Watermarking is now available with session recording files. Just upload a watermark file against your project and enable your room with settings.watermark:true

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