EnableX provides a way to join a Video room, using mobile phones without internet or  normal Landline or office desk phones.

EnableX Voice platform is a standard SIP RFC 3261 compliant, can also connect to SIP phone or Enterprise SIP infrastructure, enabling calls to corporate PBX, and supports Inbound and Outbound dialing.

At this point, EnableX support  to SIP and legacy phones is limited to Audio Only calls.

EnableX, has partnered with Telephony Service Provider to terminate the calls on to PSTN or GSM mobile networks, in different geographic location all around the world .

Enablex voice platform supports calling into Video Rooms as well as it supports programmable voice, where there is no Video Room. Details about programmable voice can be found in Voice API

This document explains, how to join a  EnableX Video room using normal landline or mobile phone without internet.

Architecture Diagram

Requirements to enable SIP/PSTN calls to join Video rooms

  • You must configure the phone number for your application. To configure the phone number to Video room, please check the documentation on the video APIs.

Video: How to enable PSTN number to room

  • If you are an enterprise customer with existing SIP infrastructure, you need to contact EnableX support to get your SIP outbound proxy to be whitelisted.
  • Enable video room for SIP: The room that you expect a SIP/PSTN call, must be SIP enabled. This can be done at the time of creating room. Developer must passes sip enabled flag in JSON Payload as shown below.  
{	sip: { 
		enabled: true 

In the response, EnableX returns the Extension that needs to be dialed. For more information to define SIP/PSTN enabled Room.

  • Outgoing SIP/PSTN call identity will be dependent on the service provider that is available in the region.
  • There is no DID facility to dial directly into the conference



The success of the room creation will return SIP PIN, which user needs to enter when dialing into the conference.

{	"sip" : {
		"enabled": true,
		"phone": [
			    "number": "119999999999",
			    "country": "String"
		"pin": 99999,		/* When sip.enabled=true */
		"meeting_id": 99999	/* When sip.enabled=true */

Once the Room is created, EnableX automatically creates a route between EnableX conference and EnableX SIP gateway.

Enterprise customers with existing SIP Infrastructure

For the partner SIP infrastructure to be integrated with EnableX SIP Server, the partner must provide the external IP of the SIP infrastructure which will be used for authenticating any calls coming into our EnableX server (Whitelist).

Dialing Information

For a partner with existing SIP Infrastructure, the SIP extension to dial will be configured during the initial onboarding of the partner. The user will be asked for additional configuration of IVR for personalized greeting, which can be uploaded through the portal.

Outbound Call

Enablex provides API to make an outbound call. Read more on API Methods/Events.

Developer needs to simply call this API with desired number, and the system will automatically find the best route to dial out the call to provided number.