EnableX brings in Live Transcription of Video Sessions. All end-points requesting live transcription, start receiving Speech to Text contents of all actively talking users in the Video room through a notification event. This is helpful in circumstances where participants have limited language proficiency or they have difficulty in hearing because of a noisy background.

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Using Live Transcription feature all active talkers’ speech in a video room can be converted to text content and the content may be sent out to each user subscribing to receive it. Transcription process starts when first user requests for it till the last user opts out of it. So, the text content generated through a single transcription process gets broadcasted to each user requested it.

Service Subscription

Live Transcription is a subscription based service. Connect to Sales/Account Manager for subscription.

Live Transcription Settings in Room

If subscription is enabled, all Video Rooms will be Live-Transcription enabled automatically. However, you can disable it for some room and qualify it further to meet your requirement using room level “settings”.

  • live.transcription.language: String. Required. Language Code. The Primary language of communication. Language Codes are given later in the document.  
  • live_transcription.auto_transcribe: Boolean, true or false. Default false. Set it to true, the transcription process starts automatically as session starts and all text contents gets saved in a file. This file is made available post session through API.
  • live_transcription.enable: Boolean, true or false. Default true. Set to false if transcription is not needed in a Room. If subscribed, live transcription is enabled in each room by default.

Example: Room Definition JSON Payload to live transcription settings.

  "name": "HLS Trial",
  "owner_ref": "XOXO",
  "settings": {
    "description": "HLS Trial",
    "mode": "group",
    "scheduled": false,
    "adhoc": false,
    "duration": 30,
    "moderators": "1",
    "participants": "2",
    "audiences": 6,
    "auto_recording": false,
    "quality": "SD",
    "live_transcription": {
        "language": "english_us",
        "auto_transcribe": true,
        "enable": true


Note: If Live Transcription is not subscribed, room definition with related settings is not permitted.  

Methods & Notifications

Apart from auto start settings of Live Transcription, it can be started or stopped using SDK method calls.

When SDK method is called to start Live Transcription, it initiates it and subscribes for the feed to receive. If the transcription process is already started in the room, it simply subscribes it. So, any new user subsequently executes command to start, only gets subscribes to it.

On the other hand, when stop command is executes, the user unsubscribes the feed and he doesn’t receive transcribed content thereafter. When the last subscribed user stops subscription, transcription process stops in the room.

Note that if transcription is automatically started at room-level to save, the process doesn’t stop when last user stops. It only gets stopped at the end of the session.

Method and Notification explanation for each SDK are individually documented. Refer to related SDK:

Language Codes

Following Language Codes may be used while defining room for live transcription, and also with startLiveTranscription() method of different SDKs:

Sl.LanguageLanguage Code
1Afrikaans (South Africa)afrikaans_sa
2Amharic (Ethiopia)amharic_et
3Arabic (United Arab Emirates)arabic_uae
4Arabic (Bahrain)arabic_bah
5Arabic (Algeria)arabic_alg
6Arabic (Egypt)arabic_egy
7Arabic (Israel)arabic_isr
8Arabic (Iraq)arabic_ira
9Arabic (Jordan)arabic_jor
10Arabic (Kuwait)arabic_kuw
11Arabic (Lebanon)arabic_leb
12Arabic (Libya)arabic_lib
13Arabic (Morocco)arabic_mor
14Arabic (Oman)arabic_oma
15Arabic (Palestinian Territories)arabic_pal
16Arabic (Qatar)arabic_qat
17Arabic (Saudi Arabia)arabic_sa
18Arabic (Syria)arabic_sy
19Arabic (Tunisia)arabic_tun
20Arabic (Yemen)arabic_yem
21Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)azerbaijan
22Bulgarian (Bulgaria)bulgarian
23Bengali (India)bengali
24Bosnian (Bosnia)bosnian
25Catalan (Spain)catalan_esp
26Czech (Czech)czech
27Welsh (United Kingdom)welsh_uk
28Danish (Denmark)danish_da
29German (Austria)german_aus
30German (Switzerland)german_swi
31German (Germany)german_ger
32Greek (Greece)greek
33English (Australia)english_aus
34English (Canada)english_ca
35English (United Kingdom)english_uk
36English (Ghana)english_gh
37English (Hongkong)english_hg
38English (Ireland)english_ire
39English (India)english_ind
40English (Kenya)english_ken
41English (Nigeria)english_nig
42English (New Zealand)english_nz
43English (Philippines)english_phi
44English (Singapore)english_sing
45English (Tanzania)english_tanz
46English (United States)english_us
47English (South Africa)english_sa
48Spanish (Argentina)spanish_ar
49Spanish (Bolivia)spanish_bol
50Spanish (Chile)spanish_chi
51Spanish (Colombia)spanish_col
52Spanish (Costa Rica)spanish_cost
53Spanish (Cuba)spanish_cub
54Spanish (Dominican Republic)spanish_dom
55Spanish (Ecuador)spanish_ecu
56Spanish (Spain)spanish_sp
57Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)spanish_gq
58Spanish (Guatemala)spanish_gua
59Spanish (Honduras)spanish_hon
60Spanish (Mexico)spanish_mex
61Spanish (Nicaragua)spanish_nic
62Spanish (Panama)spanish_pan
63Spanish (Peru)spanish_per
64Spanish (Puerto Rico)spanish_pue
65Spanish (Paraguay)spanish_par
66Spanish (El Salvador)spanish_el
67Spanish (United States)spanish_us
68Spanish (Uruguay)spanish_uru
69Spanish (Venezuela)spanish_ven
70Estonian (Estonia)estonian
72Persian (Iran)persian
73Finnish (Finland)finnish
74Filipino (Philippines)filipino
75French (Belgium)french_bel
76French (Canada)french_can
77French (Switzerland)french_swi
78French (France)french_fra
79Irish (Ireland)irish
81Gujarati (India)gujarati_in
82Hindi (India)hindi_in
83Croatian (Croatia)croation
84Hungarian (Hungary)hungarian
85Armenian (Armenia)armenian
86Indonesian (Indonesia)indonesian
87 Icelandic (Iceland) icelandic
88talian (Switzerland)italy_swi
89Italian (Italy)italy
90Japanese (Japan)japanese
91Javanese (Indonesia)javanese
92Georgian (Georgia)georgian
93Kazakh (Kazakhstan)kazakh
94Khmer (Cambodia)khmer
95Kannada (India)kannada
96Korean (Korea)korean
97Lao (Laos)laos
98Lithuanian (Lithuania)lithuanian
99Latvian (Latvia)latvian
100Macedonian (Republic of North Macedonia)macedonian
101Malayalam (India)malayalam
102Mongolian (Mongolia)mongolian
103Marathi (India)marathi
104Malay (Malaysia)malay
105Maltese (Malta)maltese
106Burmese (Myanmar)burmese
107Norwegian (Bokmal, Norway)norwegian
108Nepali (Nepal)nepali
109Dutch (Belgium)dutch_bel
110Dutch (Netherlands)dutch_neth
111Polish (Poland)polish
112Pashto (Afghanistan)pashto
113Portuguese (Portugal)portuguese
114Romanian (Romania)romanian
115Russian (Russia)russian
116Sinhala (Sri Lankasinhala
117Slovak (Slovakia)slovak
118Slovenian (Slovenia)slovenian
119Somali (Somalia)somalix
120Albanian (Albania)albanian
121Serbian (Serbia)serbian
122Sundanese (Indonesia)sundanese
123Swedish (Sweden)swedish
124Swahili (Kenya)swahili_ken
125Swahili (Tanzania)swahili_tan
126Tamil (India)tamil_ind
127Telugu (India)telugu
128Thai (Thailand)thai
129Turkish (Turkey)turkish
130Ukrainian (Ukraine)ukrainian
131Uzbek (Uzbekistan)uzbek
132Vietnamese (Vietnam)vietnamese
133Chinese (Wu, Simplified)chinese_wu
134Chinese (Cantonese, Simplified)chinese_cant
135Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)chinese_mand
136Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin)chinese_tai
137Zulu (South Africa)zulu