Enablex Android Calling UI Framework is built on top of Callkit API that provides a native telecom UI interface for Android users or simulates similar experience for App to App calling.

Release Date: June 15, 2022

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EnableX introduces a Calling UI Framework for Android Native App Developers to simply or minimize your Coding effort to integrate the Call-kit interface. Using Enablex Calling UI Framework, you can enable App-to–App calling feature in less than 5 minutes of effort with EnableX UIKit Framework.

Note that EnableX UIKit Framework, built on top of UIkit; is another powerful framework using which you can create Audio/Video UI in few lines of code. Know more…


Here are the pre-requisites for enabling Enablex Calling UI Framework in your existing application:

  • Application must have enabled VoIP feature in background mode.
  • You need to integrate your own Notification Service, as Enablex doesn’t provide any.

How to integrate in Android Native App?

For Calling UI Framework integration in Android, create an instance of EnxCallKitView class and handle Callback functions

  • Observer: EnxCallKitStateObserver
  • Class: EnxCallKitView // Create an instance of this Class.
  • Parameters:
    • this: Pass reference of your activity
    • name: Name of the caller
    • int: reference of icon
    • this: reference of Observer
  • Callbacks:
    • callAnswer(): When you receive incoming call
    • callReject(): When you reject incoming call
    • callTimeOut(): When you didn’t respond to incoming call notification, it times out in 45 seconds.
var callKitView = EnxCallKitView.getInstance(

override fun callAnswer() { 
    // When you receive incoming call 
override fun callReject() { 
    // When you reject incoming call
override fun callTimeOut() { 
    // When you didn't respond to incoming call notification, 
    // it times out in 45 seconds.