Enablex Native Calling UI Framework is built on top of Callkit API that provides a native telecom UI interface for iOS users or simulates similar experience for App to App calling.

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What is Call-kit?

Call-kit is an Apple framework which was introduced in 2016 with WWDC session 203, that integrates VoIP services with other call-related apps on the Apple device, using the same native interface, making it easier for users as they use the same dialer for all calls. Call-Kit handles displaying any incoming or outgoing calls, dialing any third-party calling services like VoIP on iPhone.

Call-kit is an event-based kit for call-related actions routed through call provider and its delegate must be configured.

Know more on Call-Kit.

EnableX Calling UI Framework

EnableX introduces a Calling UI Framework to simply or minimize your Coding effort to integrate the Call-kit interface. Using Enablex Calling UI Framework, you can enable App-to–App calling feature in less than 5 minutes of effort with EnableX UIKit Framework.

Note that EnableX UIKit Framework, built on top of UIkit; is another powerful framework using which you can create Audio/Video UI in few lines of code. Know more…

Available Calling UI Frameworks

EnableX provides support for following UI Kits for development of Video UI in different platforms and frameworks: