• Release Name: Altair
  • Date of Release: January 20, 2020

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Media Stream flow through TURN Server

By default Media Streams from end-points connects to Media Server directly or through TURN Server. This selection process is automatically done through Network Connectivity check. However, depending on your Application’s requirement, you may enforce Media Stream flow is done through TURN Service only bypassing any Firewall scanning & blocking UDP Media.

Customizable Active Talkers

Now you can define how many Active Talkers you would require in a room within a range of 1 to 10. By default, Active Talkers are set to 6 at a room level. Screen Share and Canvas Streaming don’t affect Active Talker count anyway.

Improved Audio Video Stream Quality

Overall Audio Video Stream Quality is improved significantly.

Efficient Handling of Audio Video Stream in Bad Network Conditions

Audio Video Streaming in bad-network conditions are effectively handled through Auto Bandwidth Detection algorithm.

New Features

New Features: iOS SDK

  • Video Zoom Factor: This is to zoom any video stream, i.e. local or remote streams.