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Where is EnableX public cloud hosted?

We host our cloud at multiple locations depending on geographic regulatory requirements. You would always be served by an instance which is geographically closest to you. The current EnableX instance is hosted in a cloud-based infrastructure in India. We are planning to host in other Asia Pacific region such as Singapore and China

Can I use EnableX in a restricted network environment?

EnableX is designed to support multiple network deployments. If you are behind a restricted network, please refer to our developer guide here to confirm if your application will work smoothly.

Is there a way to test my network configuration?

We provide a webpage to test network connectivity here . The tool can provide information if your app is able to connect to the EnableX platform successfully.

What all are the deployment options available for EnableX?

EnableX supports multiple deployment options namely,

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Hybrid

Furthermore, the EnableX team can also provide support for specific deployment requirements depending on the needs of the industry vertical. please get in touch with our sales team Contact Us for your specific requirement.

What is the minimum bandwidth required for EnableX?

Video Rrame Rate and Picture Resolution depends on available end user bandwidth.. The table below provides a quick reference for the video resolution for available network bandwidth.

Bandwidth requiredO/P Resolution
> 1.2 Mbps
600 Kbps -1.2 Mbps 480p
200 Kbps – 600 Kbps 240p
< 200 Kbps Audio only mode

Please refer to our platform guide for detailed bandwidth calculation.

What all options are available for hosting TURN server?

By default, the TURN server functionality is always provided from the EnableX cloud instance. If your requirement necessitates a separate TURN server, please get in touch with our sales team contact us.

Do you provide server infrastructure? Can we host?

Our pricing for standard EnableX instance hosted by us is inclusive of server infrastructure. If you require to host EnableX instance in your own premise, we can provide hardware specifications for the infrastructure. Please get in touch with our sales team – contact us.

How is server sizing calculated for private instances?

All on-premise, hybrid and private cloud deployments, server sizing and scaling needs to be vetted by our experts. Please get in touch with our sales team. contact us.

Can I host recordings on my private cloud?

EnableX provides flexible options for storing the recording media. You can either purchase a storage space along with your plan to host the recordings in our platform or you can specify SFTP or HTTP file transfer options in your project or application code to archive your recording files. EnableX platform stores your recording files up to 72 hours from creation before purging them.

Where can I find roadmap of features?

The feature roadmap is part of the developer guide. If your query is more specific or you are looking for a feature which is not listed in our roadmap, please get in touch with our sales team. contact us.