EnableX Video provides an extensive set of APIs and Event Notifications using which you can build custom Video Application UI and create the UX you wish to bring in for your end-customers. This requires a longer turn-around time to go to market and you may need to code yourself for the UI/UX you want to build.

Interested to develop your own?

Release Note: v2.3.1

EnableX Web & Mobility SDK 2.3.1 are released with 2 new features, viz. Speech to Text and HLS Streaming to reach out to larger audience.

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What’s new

  • Recording File Security: EnableX implemented a secured access mechanism to the Session Files through HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • HLS Streaming: HLS Streaming helps you to reach extremely large number of audiences with your video session in real time.

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Tech SpecificationBrowser Compatibility

API for Provisioning & Reporting

  • Server API: Restful API Service for Provisioning, Video Room Access and Reporting needs. These API are meant to be called from Server to Server.
  • Open API: Easy to use Online Tool to try out Server API.

SDKs for Video App UI Development

Use your preferred SDK from one of the available set of SDKs given below to develop Client End Video App UI

OverviewSDK DownloadsSample Codes

Workflow Automation

  • Recording Delivery: EnableX delivers recording files to your preferred server/host and notifies through Webhook.

Add-On Tools, Libraries, Processes

  • Face AI: Facial Expression Analysis
  • Whiteboard: JS Library to add Whiteboard feature in Web App
  • Co-Browsing: JS Library to add Co-Browsing feature in your Website.