EnableX offers Automatic Bandwidth Detection (ABWD) to ensure optimum Audio/ Video Communication based on the available bandwidth at the Client endpoint. In case Video Call is not feasible at an End Point because of low-bandwidth, communication falls back to Audio-Only call. When bandwidth improves, Video communication is restored automatically.

The ABWD detects a change in the available bandwidth when it cannot continue to support all the Videos being received and notifies the Client endpoint with Callback room-bandwidth-alert. You can handle this event by choosing to reduce the number of Active Talker’s Videos being received or by switching to audio-only mode.

This helps users facing extremely poor network conditions to go into audio-only mode without disrupting the session.

Event Listener: room-bandwidth-alert

  • Notification is sent to the affected Client endpoint when:
    • Bandwidth at the endpoint reduces to a level where all Videos being received cannot be supported.
    • Bandwidth at the endpoint increases to a level where more Videos than those currently being received can be supported.
  • Notification is not triggered for any bandwidth fluctuation that does not affect the number of Videos being received at the Client endpoint.
// To receive notification
room.addEventListener("room-bandwidth-alert", function (evt) {
     /* evt carries JSON data, sample given below */

room-bandwidth-alert JSON Payload:

  • bandwidth – Updated (Reduced or Increased) Bandwidth at the Client endpoint.
  • stream_bandwidth – Bandwidth consumption by streams.
  • number_of_videos – Number of Videos that can be supported at the available bandwidth.
	"msg": {
		"bandwidth": 240,
		"stream_bandwidth": 80,
		"number_of_videos": 2