The EnxRoom.addSpotlightUsers() method allows the Moderator to spotlight a user which pushes the user’s Stream to the top of Active Talker List irrespective of the user’s activity level. Spotlighting publishes the chosen user’s Stream in the Room even if they are not talking. The Moderator can spotlight as many users as max_active_talkers defined in the Room Configuration.

On joining a Room, the user is notified via room-connected event with Room Meta Information, which contains the list of spotlightUsers.

Further active talkers list JSON received with active-talkers-updated callback has “spotlight” key with boolean value. Spotlighted users have spotlight: true in the list.

The EnxRoom.removeSpotlightUsers() method is used to remove the spotlight from user(s) Streams.


  • EnxRoom.addSpotlightUsers(clientIds[], callback) 
  • EnxRoom.removeSpotlightUsers(clientIds[], callback)  


  • clientIds – Array of Client IDs of users whose streams are spotlighted or removed from the spotlight.
  • Callback – Returns response information of the requests in the JSON format: { result : 0, clients: [] }
    • result: 0 if success. Some other appropriate error-code if error encountered.
    • clientIds: Array of each Client IDs passed to put into Spotlight or removed from Spotlight.

Event Notifications:

  • spotlight-users – Notification to everyone in the Room when the spotlighted user list update is received with the following JSON { "moderator_id": String, users: [] }
    • moderator_id: Moderator’s Id who updates the spotlight user list.
    • users: Array of Client IDs of users who are spotlighted.
// To add Spotlight users
room.addSpotlightUsers(clientIDs, function(resp) {
	// resp json { "result": Number, "clients": [] }

// To remove users from Spotlight
room.removeSpotlightUsers(clientIDs, function(resp) {
	// resp json { "result": Number, "clientIds": [] }

// Everyone is notified with updated Spotlight user list
room.addEventListener('spotlight-users', function(event) {
	 // event json { "moderator_id": String, "users": [] }