The EnableX Base Class contains methods to connect to a room and successfully publish a stream in it. It also offers methods to perform vital functions like media queries, run-time device updates for streams etc. To start using EnableX, an Object must be created using EnxRtc Constructor.


The table below shows a list of methods in the EnxRtc Class.

Manage Media Devices

  • getDevices() – To find a list of devices such as Camera and Microphone attached to the device running the Client Application.
  • switchMediaDevice() – To switch Audio and Video source of your published Stream to another Camera and Microphone connected to your device.
  • getId() – This method provides the ID of the given Stream.
  • clientBitrate() – To provide bitrate status of the Client.


  • clientDiagnostics() – To diagnose various WebRTC related issues by running through a set of predefined test cases.

Join Session

  • joinRoom() – To connect Client Endpoint to an EnableX Room and join an RTC Session with or without a published stream.

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