The subscribeForTalkerNotification() method allows you to receive notification for the talkers in the Room or the participants acting as a source of the noise. You can utilize this method for UI display or for debugging.


  • Enx.enableStats( isEnabled) – To opt to receive Streaming Stats.
    • isEnabled – Boolean Parameter. Pass true to enable, false to disable.


  • AckSubscribeTalkerNotification – Acknowledgment to the subscriber when Talker Notification subscribed successfully.
  • AckUnsubscribeTalkerNotification – Acknowledgment to the subscriber when Talker Notification unsubscribed successfully.
  • TalkerNotification – Notification to the subscriber received with JSON Object carrying the details of users from whom speech or sound is detected.
Enx.subscribeForTalkerNotification(true)   // isEnabled=true/false. True means subscribe and false means unsubscribe

// Acknowledgement on Talker Subscription

// Acknowledgement on Talker Unsubscription

// Receive Talker Notification on Subscription