INFO! EnableX Android Toolkit 1.4.2 support an advance version of Public & Private Messaging API. Therefore, you are discouraged to use this Stream based Messaging. It will be deprecated in future version.

You may implement basic text-chat communication using EnableX API. The Text-Data is carried on a separate data track in a published Stream and received by all subscribers of the stream.

  • Notes to send message:
    • You must initiate your stream with data track enabled using the JSON Payload as {data: true}
    • You must publish your stream into the room before you can use the Enx.sendData() method.
  • Notes to receive message:
    • You must subscribe to the remote stream
    • User Observer receiveData to receive any incoming message.

Method: Enx.sendData(localStreamId, messageObject)


  • localStreamId – Local Stream ID on which the message to be sent
  • messageObject– This object has following keys:
    • from: Sender Name
    • message: Message Body
    • timestamp: Time Stamp in UTC – when the message was originated

Callback: receiveData – To all participants in the room with messageObject

messageJSON: {
        message: "Test chat",
        from: "React-Native",

Enx.sendData(localStreamId, messageJSON);  // Send message

// Participants receive message
receiveData : event=>{
	/* event = 
	{	id : 12345, 
		msg : {
			from: "", message: "", 
			timestamp: 12345, type: "public"
	} */