For Streaming Quality analysis, you may opt to receive Streaming Stats and get them displayed on respective Player. Once opted, you will receive Stats for all Streams received at the end point. You will receive following important information on Streams:

  • Publishing Resolution
  • Bandwidth at Publisher End
  • Receiving Resolution
  • Receiving Bandwidth consumed
  • Available Bandwidth at Receiver
  • … there are more


  • Enx.enableStats( isEnabled) – To opt to receive Streaming Stats.
    • isEnabled – Boolean Parameter. Pass true to enable, false to disable
  • Enx.enablePlayerStats(isEnabled, streamId) – To opt to display received Streaming Stats on respective Player.
    • isEnabled – Boolean Parameter. Pass true to display, false to hide display of Stats on respective Stream Player
    • streamId – String. The stream ID for which Stats to be displayed on Player


  • acknowledgeStats – To notify end-point that Stream Stats is enabled or disabled
  • receivedStats – When received updated Stats of all Streams
  • playerStats – When received updated Stats of a Stream