EnableX offers Automatic Bandwidth Detection (ABWD) to ensure optimum Audio/ Video Communication based on the available bandwidth at the Client endpoint. The ABWD detects a change in the available bandwidth when it cannot continue to support all the Videos being received and notifies the Client endpoint with Callback onRoomBandwidthAlert. You can handle this event by choosing to reduce the number of Active Talker’s Videos being received or by switching to audio-only mode.

This helps users facing extremely poor network conditions to go into audio-only mode without disrupting the session.

Delegate Method: -room:didRoomBandwidthAlert

  • Notification is sent to the affected Client endpoint when:
    • Bandwidth at the endpoint reduces to a level where all Videos being received cannot be supported.
    • Bandwidth at the endpoint increases to a level where more Videos than those currently being received can be supported.
  • Notification is not triggered for any bandwidth fluctuation that does not affect the number of Videos being received at the Client endpoint.
// To receive notification
-(void)room:(EnxRoom *_Nullable)room didRoomBandwidthAlert:(NSArray *_Nullable)data; 

-room:didRoomBandwidthAlert JSON Payload:

  • bandwidth – Updated (Reduced or Increased) Bandwidth at the Client endpoint.
  • number_of_videos – Number of Videos that can be supported at the available bandwidth.
	{ 	"bandwidth": 240,
		"stream_bandwidth": 80,
		"number_of_videos": 2