User may switch to different application pushing your RTC Application to Background and vice versa. You need to handle such activity using following methods:

Method: static Future<void> stopVideoTracksOnApplicationBackground(bool videoMuteLocalStream, bool videoMuteRemoteStream)


  • @param bool videoMuteLocalStream – Boolean. Pass false to pause local Video Stream, true to continue with publishing
  • @param bool videoMuteRemoteStream – Boolean. Pass false to pause receiving remote Video Stream, true to continue receiving

Method: static Future<void> startVideoTracksOnApplicationForeground( bool restoreVideoRemoteStream, bool restoreVideoLocalStream)


  • @param bool restoreVideoLocalStream – Boolean. Pass true to resume sending local Video Stream if it was stopped while getting to Background.
  • @param bool restoreVideoRemoteStream – Boolean. Pass true to resume receiving remote Video Streams if they stopped while getting to Background.
// When application goes to Background 
EnxRtc. stopVideoTracksOnApplicationBackground (localMuteState, remoteMuteState);

// When application comes back to Foreground 
 EnxRtc.startVideoTracksOnApplicationForeground(remoteUnmuteState, localUnmuteState);