Get a list of Audio Devices

You will need to specify Audio/Video Device ID (Microphone & Camera Device ID) or use the default Microphone Device ID of your Mobility Device to initiate a Stream. EnableX provides API support to get a list of Audio Devices (Microphone) available with your Device running the Client End Point application along with their device IDs.

The getDevices() method is used to return a List containing all the Microphones available with your Device. You can build UI Element with the List to choose a Microphone to use for Stream.

Method: public List <String> getDevices() – No parameter needed

List<dynamic> deviceList= EnxRtc.getDevices();

Get selected Audio Device by User

EnxRoom.getSelectedDevice() method is used to get the selected or used Audio Device for the Stream.

Method: static Future<String> getSelectedDevice() – No parameter needed

String deviceName = EnxRtc.getSelectedDevice();