This Class features host of methods and event listeners to help developers to create RTC Application. Using these methods, a Client End Point can connect a EnableX Session and manage different aspect to conduct an effective Session


Given below a categorized listing of methods:


  • joinRoom() – To connect and join Room with a Stream
  • disconnect() – To disconnect End-Point from the room


  • whoAmI() – Infomration on the connected end-point
  • getRoomId() – To get Room ID
  • getClientName() – To get Client Name of connected user to the room
  • getRole()– To get role of user connected to the room, viz. moderator or participant
  • getClientId() – To get Client ID of the connected user to the room
  • isRoomActiveTalker() – To know if active talker is enabled in the Room


Messaging & File Sharing

Moderator Controls

  • hardMute() – To hard-mute a Room, no participant is allowed to talk
  • hardUnMute() – To hard-unmute a Room, a participant can talk if so desired
  • startRecord() – To start session recording
  • stopRecord() – To stop ongoing session recording
  • switchUserRole() – To change a Participant’s Role to Moderator
  • lockRoom() – To lock Room to disallow further entry into Room
  • unLockRoom() – To unlock Room to allow entry into Room subsequently
  • destroy() – To destroy / terminate an ongoing session
  • dropUser() – To drop a user from session

Floor Access Control

  • requestFloor() – To request moderator for Floor Access to publish
  • cancelFloor() – Participant cancels his own request for Floor Access
  • grantFloor() – To grant Floor Access participant allowing him to publish
  • denyFloor() – To deny Floor Access to a participant who had requested access
  • releaseFloor() – To release Floor Access from a participant granted access earlier
  • finishFloor() – Participant ends granted Floor Access


Stream Controls

  • muteSelfAudio() – To mute/unmute audio of own published stream
  • muteSelfVideo() – To mute/unmute video of own published stream
  • switchCamera() – To switch from rear to front Camera and vice-versa to change Stream Source


  • enableLogs() – To enable Client Side Logging
  • postClientLogs() – To submit Client End Point logs to EnableX Team to audit
  • captureScreenShot() – To capture Snapshot for given Stream
  • setPlayerScalingType() – To choose Stream Scaling Options within Video Player
  • setZOrderMediaOverlay() – To overlay Player on other Player by setting Z Index
  • extendConferenceDuration() – To extend Conference Duration
  • makeOutboundCall() – To make outboun SIP / PSTN call from Session
  • enableProximitySensor() – To enable Proximity Sensor
  • stopVideoTracksOnApplicationBackground() –  To handle background pause state of activity or fragment
  • startVideoTracksOnApplicationForeground() – To handle background to foreground state of activity or fragment

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