This Class features host of methods and event listeners to help developers to create RTC Application. Using these methods, a Client End Point can connect a EnableX Session and manage different aspect to conduct an effective Session.


Given below a categorized listing of methods:



  • getRoomId() – To get Room ID.
  • getClientId() – To get Client ID of the connected user to the room.
  • getClientName() – To get Client Name of connected user to the room.
  • getRole()– To get role of user connected to the room, viz. moderator or participant.
  • whoAmI() – To get connected user information at an End-Point.
  • getUserList() – To get a list of connected users to the Room.
  • isRoomActiveTalker() – To check if the Room has Active Talker.


Messaging & File Sharing

Moderator Controls

  • startRecord() – To start session recording.
  • stopRecord() – To stop ongoing session recording.
  • hardMute() – To hard-mute a Room, no participant is allowed to talk.
  • hardUnMute() – To hard-unmute a Room.
  • lockRoom() – To lock Room to disallow further entry into Room.
  • unLockRoom() – To unlock Room to allow subsequent entry into Room.
  • dropUser() – To drop a user from session.
  • destroy() – To conclude an ongoing session.
  • switchUserRole() – For the Moderator to designate a connected Participant to act as a Moderator during the session.
  • switchRoomMode() – Allows the Moderator to switch the Room’s mode of operation from Group to Lecture or vice versa during a running conference.
  • approveAwaitedUser() – To allow the Moderator to approve a user’s entry.
  • denyAwaitedUser() – To decline a user’s entry to the Session.
  • pinUsers() – To allow the Moderator to pin a user(s) to the Active Talker List irrespective of the user’s activity level.
  • addSpotlightUsers() – To allow the Moderator to spotlight a user which pushes the user’s Stream to the top of Active Talker List irrespective of the user’s activity level.
  • hardMuteAudio() – To hard-mute a Participant’s audio.
  • hardMuteVideo() – To hard-mute a Participant’s video.
  • hardUnMuteAudio()– To lift the audio hard-mute restriction from the Participant.
  • hardUnmuteVideo() – To lift the video hard-mute restriction from the Participant.

Floor Access Control

  • requestFloor() – To request moderator for Floor Access to publish.
  • cancelFloor() – For the participant to cancel his own request for Floor Access.
  • grantFloor() – To grant Floor Access participant allowing him to publish.
  • denyFloor() – To deny Floor Access to a participant who had requested access.
  • finishFloor() – For the participant to finish floor access granted to him by Moderator.
  • releaseFloor() – For the Moderator to terminate floor access granted to some participant.


  • getDevices() – To get a list of connected Audio devices.
  • getSelectedDevice() – To get the name of the given/selected Device.
  • switchMediaDevice() – To switch to alternate Media Device. A user can switch to alternate available Microphone.
  • switchCamera() – To switch from rear to front Camera and vice-versa to change Stream Source.

Stream Controls

Manage Logging

Advance Features