Being within EnableX Session, you may initiate an Outbound Call to PSTN Number or SIP URI inviting the called participant to join the session on accepting the call.

Method: static Future<void> makeOutboundCall(String number)


  • @param String number – String. Phone Number to dial-out.

Event Listener:

  • onOutBoundCallInitiated – Event Listener to get call initiation status
  • onDialStateEvents – Status of the Dialout Process is notified as and when received from Gateway. The JSON Response returns following status codes: initiated, calling, connecting, connected, terminated, failed and disconnected
EnxRtc.makeOutboundCall ('9896xxxxxx');	// Dial-Out the Number

EnxRtc.onOutBoundCallInitiated= (Map<dynamic, dynamic> map) {
	// Receives Call State

EnxRtc.onDialStateEvents= (String state) {
	// Receives Call State

Error Codes – Failure Conditions to accept Dial-Out request

Error CodeDescription
1141Dial-Out request is already in progress
1142CLI doesn’t match with configured phone number