This is an advance messaging feature between Session participants. You can do following type of messaging in a session among participants:

  • Public Messaging: To send message to all connected users.
  • Private Messaging: To send message to a specific user.
  • Group Messaging: To send message to more than one specified users.

Messaging feature neither require the sender to publish his Stream, nor receivers to subscribe.

Method: static Future<void> sendMessage(String message, bool isBroadCast, List<dynamic> recipientIDs)essage(String Message, boolean isBroadcast, array RecipientIDs)


  • @param Strings message– String type message.
  • @param bool isBroadcast– Boolean. Use true for Public Broadcast, Use false for private messaging to one or more recipients.
  • @param List clientIds – Array of ClientIDs whom you wish to send private messages.


  • onAcknowledgeSendData – It notifies when message is successfully sent to another user or group of users
  • onMessageReceived – It notifies at receiver end tat a new message arrived
EnxRtc.sendMessage(”message”,true,[]); // Send Message to all

EnxRtc.onAcknowledgeSendData = (Map<dynamic,dynamic> map) {
	// Message has been sent

EnxRtc.onMessageReceived = (Map<dynamic,dynamic> map) {
	// New Message has been received