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Get maximum permissible Talker Count

To know maximum permissible Active Talkers that you may receive and you can set, you may use getMaxTalkers() method.

Method: static Future<void> getMaxTalkers() – without parameter

Event Listener: onMaxTalkerCount – Gets maximum talker allowed in the room


EnxRtc.onMaxTalkerCount= (Map<dynamic, dynamic> map) {
     // Talker info in response JSONObject
     // {"result": 0, "maxTalkers": 4} 

Get Talker Count

It may be necessary to know how many talkers are expected to receive with  onActiveTalkerList Event Listener, i.e. to know either the preset value of talkers or any custom value in effect which is either by the Application Developer or opted by End-Point User.

Method: static Future<void> getTalkerCount() – without parameter

Event Listener: onGetTalkerCount – Gets Talker count


EnxRtc.onGetTalkerCount = (Map<dynamic, dynamic> map) {
     // Talker info in response JSONObject
     // {"result": 0, "maxTalkers": 4} 

Set Talker Count

EnableX sets a maximum of 6 active talkers in the active talker-list with  onActiveTalkerList Active Talkers. However, you may opt to receive less talkers at a Client End Point if you so require. This may either be a predefined value, or this value may be set at run-time in a connected session. If needed, you can create UI for the connected user to opt for number of active-talkers the user wants to receive.

Method: Future<void> setTalkerCount(int count)

Parameters@param int count – No. of talkers you want to receive. Range 0-6

  • If you set count to any value from 1 to 6 – you will receive those many talkers in the list.
  • If you set count to 0 (zero), then list doesn’t become empty. Rather, you would start receiving 3 audio streams only. Video Streams will not be carried.

Event Listener: onSetTalkerCount


EnxRtc.onSetTalkerCount = (Map <dynamic, dynamic> map) {
	// Talker info in response jsonobject:
	// {"result": 0, "maxTalkers": 4}