Availability: Android SDK v.1.5.6+

The EnxStream.updateConfiguration() method is used to reconfigure a Stream by adding new or updating existing attributes of the Stream. This API is applicable to both Remote and Local Streams.


Methodpublic void updateConfiguration(JSONObject streamOpt)

ParametersstreamOpt– New Stream configuration options JSON Object.

  localStream.updateConfiguration(JSONObject streamOpt); 

// The streamOpt JSON Object example:

streamOpt = {
     "maxVideoBW": "900",
     "minVideoBW": "150",
     "maxAudioBW": "150",
     "minAudioBW": "150"

Error Codes / Exceptions

5113Invalid JSON Object passed as parameter.
5114Unable to update Stream when Canvas Streaming is on. Non-Contextual Method Call.