You can play a local stream and all subscribed remote streams including screen-share, canvas streams within EnxPlayerView Object. Therefore, you need to create an Object of EnxPlayerView Class and then attach the Stream to Player View using EnxStream.attachRenderer() method.

To stop playing a Stream, detach the Stream from PlayerView using EnxStream.detachRenderer().


  • EnxPlayerView – To initiate a Player View object.
  • EnxStream – To attach the Stream to the Player View.

Method: To play Stream

  • public void attachRenderer( EnxPlayerView playerView)

Parameter: playerView – A Player View Object

Method: To stop playing Stream

  • public void detachRenderer() – No Parameter required.
EnxPlayerView playerView = new EnxPlayerView(
 Current-Class-Context, ScalingType, mediaOverlay);

stream.attachRenderer(playerView);  // Attach stream to playerview to play
yourCustomView.addView(playerView); // Add playerView to your view 

stream.detachRenderer();            // Detach Renderer to stop playing