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Build Truly Interactive Experiences with EnableX WebRTC based Video Call APIs & SDKs

Experience Customised Video Conferencing

Build Powerful Video Calling Applications with No Coding Requirements!

Deploy real time video calls right into your application with just a few clicks.

Any Platform, Any Browser, Any Coding Language

EnableX’s powerful WebRTC video calling platform supports all major coding languages - JavaScript, PHP, Python, Nodejs, ReactNative and more – you can integrate our Video Call APIs into mobile applications and webpages easily. With pre-packaged SDKs and Mobile UI Kits get high performing video call capabilities across Android, iOS, on native apps and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more!

Full Customisation
Full Customisation

Get the flexibility to customise video streams, UI, hosting, billing, and other core functionalities, and seamlessly integrate live video calling capabilities with your technology stack including inhouse and 3rd party applications. With full white labelling, everything from the back-end portal to reports feels like your own brand.

End-to-end Self-service Portal

A powerful self-service portal with complete service configuration, billing & invoicing, extensive reporting capabilities, live dashboards to track video calls quality, service usage and more.

Video Calling APIs That Scale with Your Business

Access the building blocks, platform and flexibility to build highly scalable video calling experiences that excite.

It’s High-Definition

Embed High-Definition real-time communication functions into your apps or sites for one to one video calls or large group video calls.

It’s Engaging

Engage your audience by adding collaboration features including screenshare, desktop share, live annotations along with video calls directly from your app or sites. You can also live stream your video calls directly on YouTube or Facebook and other social media channels for unlimited reach.

What You Get

EnableX Video Calling API Features

Everything you need to build a world class live video experience.

  • Large Room Size

    Using our video API, get up to 100 participants into a video meeting, and up to 3000 in webinar/lecture mode

  • Virtual Background

    Integrate a range of virtual backgrounds basis brand or participant needs

  • Whiteboard

    EnableX Video Calling API and SDKs offer a whiteboard feature for instant collaboration

  • Live Annotation

    Engage video conference participants effectively through live annotations

  • Screen Share

    Share your screen easily when presenting to collaborate effectively

  • Co-Browsing

    Standalone co-browsing feature to allow multiple users to co-browse a website

  • Live Streaming

    Expand your reach by live streaming using RTMP or HLS protocols or through a CDN provider

  • Stream Pinning

    Pin one or more participants on the screen even if they aren't actively talking

  • Paged Video

    Browse through video streams of all participants even if they are not actively talking, in a paged way

Video Calling Features

Using our video API, get up to 100 participants into a video meeting, and up to 3000 in webinar/lecture mode

  • Live Recording

    Record the audio and video of your next call exactly the way you experience it through EnableX Video Calling SDK

  • Encrypted Video Recording

    Encrypt and store your session recordings and decrypt them later locally when required at your end

  • Self Service Portal

    Invoicing, provisioning, and all usage reports through a single portal

  • Live Dashboards & Analytics

    Monitor video call performance, usage, and devices to improve troubleshooting and make data-driven decisions

  • Single Sign On

    Allow your users to get one-click secure access to multiple on-premises and cloud based applications

  • Multiple Media Zones

    Host your sessions in your country, or choose from our global network of media zones (Added subscription)

  • PSTN Voice Integration

    Allow participants to join ongoing video conferencing sessions as a voice caller with an SIP endpoint or a PSTN/Mobile phone

  • Pre-Join Network/Device Testing

    A pre-call diagnostic tool to detect any issues in network or device that might cause failure of a video calling session

  • External APIs/Scripts Support

    Extend Low Code Embed using custom developed scripts and style sheets

EnableX Video API Use Cases

Award winning Video Calling Experiences
for Every Industry

Build Real Time Video Calling for Any Application

Contact Center

Build a true omni-channel contact center solution and seamlessly switch customer interactions from SMS or WhatsApp to Voice and Video. Power your Cloud Contact Center with EnableX Video Call API.

Digital Onboarding

Eliminate fraud, maintain compliance, and speed up digital onboarding with live video calls embedded within your video KYC workflow. With video verification, co-browsing and annotations, guide customers through questions in the video call and record responses and calls for due diligence. Seamlessly integrate our Video Call API with credit rating and money lending entities to complete the verification process.

Hiring and Employee Engagement

Use EnableX Video to conduct candidate interviews, conduct remote onboarding and employee engagement activities without the need for third-party software. With live video chat, recording, and content sharing embedded into your app, you can collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Field Services & Technical Support

By integrating EnableX live video calling and collaboration API’s including screenshare, remote control & annotations, you can provide technical support like never before; empower technicians to be more proactive, leading to great customer experiences.

Live Video Streaming and Virtual Events

Whether you are conducting internal meetings, virtual townhalls, or an online panel discussion, our live video streaming APIs can help you build a highly scalable streaming platform to organise engaging virtual events with ease.

Retail and Ecommerce

EnableX Video Calling API helps deliver a highly scalable real-time video communication platform for live product demonstrations and other online events. Our video streaming API is especially built for live commerce experiences. Retailers can create buzz about their products to drive awareness and sales.


EnableX’s WebRTC based live video calling solutions offer powerful APIs for Telemedicine. You can build fully functional video calling experiences, loaded with powerful features. Deliver seamless online medical consultation for ongoing patient care or a routine medical follow up. Our platform offers a comprehensive Telehealth solution across Video, Voice, SMS and WhatsApp.


They trusted EnableX Hire and their success now speaks of the results.

"Choosing EnableX Hire allowed TalentOnLease to extend the capability of existing technical infrastructure and deliver the next level of communication experience to stakeholders without costly upgrades. Because of the robust communications infrastructure, the recruitment process became almost frictionless, significantly shrinking the time-to-hire".

- Daya Prakash, Founder, TalentOnLease

“We are now conducting a lot of virtual & hybrid versions of physical events via our ready to use event templates such as Virtual Summits, Virtual Job Fairs, Virtual Expos etc., and it’s amazing to observe the kind of productivity and participation boost. Being able to measure that boost helps us come up with better enhancements and much of this has been made achievable by the use of Live Video from EnableX. They are sure to remain our preferred CPaaS Partner for upcoming developments too”.

- Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO Innoevent Technologies

“What led us to EnableX was the vast variety of features that they offer and easy-to-implement APIs, which meant we didn’t have to run around and try to piece together other infrastructure. We’re continuing to work on creating a better, more robust solution for larger groups, and folks at EnableX are definitely helping with that”.

- Sudhi Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director, Revisewise Education Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which video conferencing platforms provide Live streaming APIs?

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To create a video conferencing solution with streaming capabilities, developers can use video conferencing platforms that offer streaming APIs. These APIs enable developers to customize and embed video conferencing functionalities into their applications easily.

One platform that provides video streaming APIs for video conferencing is EnableX. With EnableX, developers can build real-time video, audio, and messaging solutions with built-in collaboration tools. EnableX's Video APIs offer features such as group video and audio calls, screen sharing, recording, and more.

By using EnableX's APIs, developers can create video conferencing applications for various industries, including healthcare, education, and e-commerce. If you're interested in trying out EnableX's APIs, you can begin using a free trial here.

How do I develop chat (text, audio, video) on Android?

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To develop chat (text, audio, video) on Android, you can use APIs provided by communication platforms like EnableX. With EnableX Video Chat APIs, developers can easily integrate live chat functionality into their Android application.

EnableX offers Chat APIs that allow developers to build real-time communication solutions, including group video and audio calls, screen sharing, and recording. The platform also provides customization features such as virtual backgrounds, captions, and controlling the layout of the chat.

To integrate EnableX's chat functionality into your Android app, you can follow the instructions provided in their API documentation. EnableX's APIs provide developer-friendly tools and resources that help to streamline the integration process. If you're interested in trying out EnableX's APIs for building chat functionality on Android, you can sign up for a free trial here. This trial provides full access to EnableX's APIs, allowing you to test and integrate the platform's communication functionalities into your Android app.

How to integrate a video conferencing API into a website?

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Integrating a video conferencing API into a website involves creating an account, generating an API key, and using the API's methods to embed the functionality.

EnableX is a platform which provides one of the best video calling APIs for website integration, including group video and audio calls, screen sharing, and recording. EnableX also offers customization features such as virtual backgrounds and captions. You can sign up for EnableX's free trial here and access our developer section at here.

How can I make my own video calling app using Flutter?

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To create a video calling app using Flutter, you can use APIs provided by communication platforms like EnableX. These Video Calling APIs allow developers to build real-time video, audio, and messaging solutions with built-in collaboration tools.

To get started, you will need to create an account with the communication platform of your choice, generate an API key, and follow the instructions provided in their documentation to integrate the API into your Flutter application.

During the integration process, you will be able to customize and embed video calling functionalities, such as group video and audio calls, screen sharing, and recording, into your Flutter application.

One platform that provides APIs for building video calling apps is EnableX. EnableX offers a range of APIs that allow developers to build high-quality communication solutions.

If you're interested in using EnableX's APIs for building your video calling app, you can visit their developer section here. Here you will find comprehensive documentation and resources for integrating EnableX's Video Calling APIs into your mobile application.

Can we integrate live video stream in mobile apps?

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Yes, it is possible to integrate live video streams in mobile apps. By using EnableX SDKs, developers can quickly and easily add live video streaming to their mobile apps. They can customize the look and feel of the video player, add features like chat and social sharing, and even monetize the video stream through advertising or subscriptions.

How would I add the video/audio call function to my app?

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To add the video/audio call function to your app, you can use EnableX SDKs. Download the video calling SDK and add it to your project, configure the SDK with your app credentials, and set up the necessary permissions for audio and video calls. Next, you need to build the user interface for the video/audio call function. This typically involves creating a view where users can initiate and receive calls, display video feeds, and control audio settings. Once the UI is in place, you need to implement the call logic. This involves handling call initiation, call acceptance, and call termination, as well as managing the audio and video streams. After implementing the video/audio call function, you need to test it thoroughly to ensure that it works correctly. You may need to iterate on the implementation to fix any bugs or improve the user experience.

What are video call SDK benefits?

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There are many benefits to using a video call SDK (Software Development Kit) in your app. Here are some of the key benefits that video call SDKs offer :

  • Speed up development: EnableX Video Call SDKs provide pre-built components and APIs that developers can use to quickly and easily add video call functionality to their apps. This saves time and effort compared to building the functionality from scratch.
  • Cross-platform support: With EnableX, you get support for multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, and web. This makes it easier to build cross-platform apps that can run on different devices and operating systems.
  • High-quality audio and video: EnableX Video Calling SDKs are designed to provide high-quality audio and video streaming, even in low-bandwidth environments. This ensures a smooth and seamless user experience for video calls.
  • Customization: You also get customization options with EnableX SDKs, such as the ability to customize the UI or add additional features to the video call functionality.
  • Scalability: EnableX Video Call SDKs are designed to be scalable. It can handle a large number of users and calls without performance issues.
  • Security: With EnableX, you get security features such as encryption to protect user data and ensure privacy.

How can I build a video call app in iOS?

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If you're looking to build a custom video Calling app for iOS, EnableX's video API can be a powerful solution. This API provides developers with an easy way to integrate high-quality video and audio communication into their iOS apps. With features like real-time video and audio chat, one to one video calling, screen sharing, and recording, EnableX's video API offers a lot of flexibility for creating custom video calling apps on iOS. Developers can find all the resources they need to get started, including documentation, sample code, and tutorials, on the EnableX developer section of the company's website. To learn more about EnableX's video API and start building your own custom video chat app for iOS, visit our dev documentation at Here.

How to build a custom video chat app for Android?

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Developers looking to build a custom video chat app for Android can benefit from using EnableX's video API. With its wide range of features, including real-time video and audio chat, screen sharing, and recording, the API offers an easy way to integrate high-quality communication into Android apps. EnableX's developer section provides all the resources needed to get started, including documentation, sample code, and tutorials. To learn more about EnableX's video API and to start building your own custom video chat app, visit the developer section of the EnableX website at: Here

You need to add either EnableX Android video SDK or EnableX Android UIKit, Add video/UIKit SDK to your project and follow the API document. Note, that you can use either one.