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All Ways, Always

Build smarter and meaningful communications at every touchpoint across the customer journey.

  • Easy to build
  • Fully customisable
  • Carrier-grade platform
Communication APIs

Perfect for Every Kind of Communication

The EnableX communications platform gives you the flexibility to build, deliver and optimise new customer experiences. Modularly designed, you can start with just one communications channel and effortlessly add on more for an omni-channel, omni-device experience.

Programmable Communication
Programmable SMS

Send and receive messages in over 100 countries globally with our platform that is built for scale, speed and reliability.

  • One or Two-way SMS
  • Mass broadcast
  • Long and Short codes

SMS API Virtual Number

Programmable Voice

Build crystal-clear voice calling functions into your app with our software-enabled and fault-tolerant platform.

  • IP to IP Call
  • PSTN Call
  • Virtual Numbers

Voice Call API Virtual Number

Programmable Chat

Provide contextual and interactive chat experiences with a platform that offers comprehensive features.

  • In-app chat
  • Private chat
  • Group chat
Programmable Video

Embed live video calls into your site or app with our carrier-grade platform that can scale from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcast.

  • 1-to-1 video call
  • Group video call
  • Video interactive broadcast

Video Call API Video Embed


Drive smarter, more personalised conversations with Facial Expression and Emotion Recognition AI

  • Attention and Liveness Estimator
  • Emotion and face feature Recognition
  • Age and gender Indicator


Always-on platform

Activate Conversations Everywhere

Build meaningful relationships with your customers with conversations that engage. Never miss an opportunity to connect with them in-app or offline across all devices, channels and platforms, wherever they are.

In-App Engagement

Embed voice, video, messaging and more within your app for contextual experience

Off-App Engagement

Connect to established PSTN networks and engage with anyone even if they are offline

Omni-channel Experience

Interact with your users on their preferred communication channels with seamless switching between channels

Globally Connected

Connect seamlessly with anyone, anywhere across 100+ countries

Reliable and secure

Ensure connectivity is always available with carrier-grade, AI-powered platform

Connect at Scale

Communicate with one or scale to the thousands without compromising in quality

Built for developers

Develop In Any Programming Language.
Deploy On Any Cloud.

Built for simplicity, our flexible APIs are designed to help developers build modern apps quickly. Available on iOS, Android and different web browsers, they all work together, making cross-platform communication a breeze.

  • Any mobile, any browser
  • Extensive API documentation
  • Support multiple programming languages
  • Sample codes to test and explore
  • Intuitive tutorials to get started
  • No DevOps requirement
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud deployment

Start building now

_this.localStream = EnxRtc.joinRoom(
    function(success, error) {
        if (error) {}
        if (success && success != null) {
        _this.room = success.room;
        var cntStream = success.streams.length;
        for (let i = 0; i < cntStream; i++) {
    import enablex
    client = enablex.Client('KEY')
    message = client.message_create(
        'Hello World'
    import enablex
    client = enablex.Client('KEY')
    message = client.message_create(
        'Hello World'
    import enablex
    client = enablex.Client('KEY')
    message = client.message_create(
        'Hello World'
    _this.localStream = EnxRtc.joinRoom(
    function(success, error) {
        if (error) {}
        if (success) {}
    localStream = EnxRtc.joinRoom(token, config, function (success, error) {
        if (error && error != null) { 
        else if (success && success != null) {
            room = success.room;
            for (var i = 0; i < success.streams.length; i++) {
    var objectJoin: EnxRtc!
    objectJoin = EnxRtc()
    guard let stream = self.objectJoin.joinRoom(
        token, delegate: self,
        streamInfo: (streamInfo as! [Hashable : Any]),
        roomInfo: (roomInfo as! [Hashable : Any]),
        advanceOptions: nil
Solutions for Everyone

Build for Developers, Loved by Enterprises

EnableX helps growing start-ups, enterprises, and service providers drive meaningful customer relationship and create new revenue streams. With our easy-to-use APIs, global platform, and expert support, you can innovate and go-to-market faster.

Why Enablex

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

Carrier-grade platform

Created to adapt to constantly changing needs, our platform leverages the latest technologies to ensure that it is always available, continuously upgraded and auto-scale without compromising on quality.

  • Low-latency calls
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Global coverage
A team that you can trust

Gain access to 24/7 support and all the technical guidance you need, when you need it. Together with our Professional Service, you get premium service from consultation to migration to testing and deployment.

  • Stellar support
  • Professional services
  • Local support
Transparent pricing

Enjoy one of industry’s lowest usage-based pricing where you only pay for what you use. Receive additional discounts as your usage grows or enjoy deeper discounts when you commit to usage.

  • Pay-as-you-use
  • Volume and term discount
  • Customisable pricing
Full-stack communications platform

We are one of the few communications players that offer a full suite of communication channels. From Video, Voice, SMS, Chat and more, you can pick and choose the channel(s) that you need and add on seamlessly when your requirement changes.

  • Video Call
  • VoIP or PSTN Call
  • SMS and Chat messaging
Flexible and scalable solutions

At EnableX, we understand that every business has its own unique requirements. This is why we have built a platform that offers you the level of agility and customisation you need. From branding to pricing to deployment models, our solutions are created to adapt to the dynamic changes in the market.

  • Multiple deployment options
  • Customisable billing
  • Personalised portal

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